LIVE "Today In Radio History" Streaming Internet Station Kickstarter Campaign Launching Soon is excited to announce our planned launch of a Kickstarter Campaign in order to create a 24 hour a day, live streaming internet radio station titled "Today In Radio History". Each day programmed with radio shows as they were originally broadcast on that particular date in radio history.

For example on June 6th, listeners would hear President Roosevelt on CBS World News Today as he addressed the nation about the D Day Invasion in Normandy on June 6th,1944.

You would hear The Lone Rangers episode “The Silver Spur” which was originally heard from 1938 on June 6th. “Superman vs Kryptonite” from 1947, big band music from Bing Crosby, episodes from The Green Hornet, Suspense and The Whistler.

This live streaming internet radio station would play news, music and family oriented programs as they originally aired. Our budget is small, we are only asking for 1 year of streaming costs just $750.00.

The Kickstarter Campaign launches Monday July 8th for 30 days. You can keep this incredible genre of entertainment alive and thriving as a daily historical medium.

This is a link to a preview of the campaign: